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Confidence: How to build it.

What is confidence?

Confidence is about having belief in ourself and our abilities. Because of this our confidence can vary from one situation to the next. It might be that you are confident writing and articulating your thoughts but you feel less confident when asked to present them in front of large groups of people.

Confidence is not about believing that you have all the answers. But that you are capable of dealing with the situation and any challenges that might come your way.

Confidence is not a fixed characteristic, it is something we can build and develop. If we feel confident we are more likely to perform under stress, to influence others, to be a leader, to feel valued and to be successful.

We develop confidence by experiencing successes. So one of the easiest ways to build our confident is by setting small and achievable goals. That way each time we are reach a goal we get a little confidence boost.

Similarly, we can improve our confidence in relation to a specific skill, whether it’s public speaking or writing by practicing it ourselves or by watching and learn from others successes.

Another way to improve your confidence is to find and focus on your super strengths. We are all unique and so there is no point comparing ourselves to others. we embrace our own gifts and talents.

Lastly, we can feel more confident just by standing a little bit taller, creating an open stance and smiling.

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