LESSONS I LEARNED THE HARD WAY- When we don’t feel the fireworks.

On Friday I received the amazing news that I had passed my VIVA, the final part of the process to allow me to qualify as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist. But it was not quite the moment I had dreamed of. I had been working towards this goal for the past 8 years but when I saw those results, I didn’t jump for joy as one might expect. I did not feel the fireworks. Instead, I sat sobbing uncontrollably. All the hard work and countless hours of reading, writing, personal develo

Confidence: How to build it.

What is confidence? Confidence is about having belief in ourself and our abilities. Because of this our confidence can vary from one situation to the next. It might be that you are confident writing and articulating your thoughts but you feel less confident when asked to present them in front of large groups of people. Confidence is not about believing that you have all the answers. But that you are capable of dealing with the situation and any challenges that might come your