I must start by pointing out that although the title suggests past tense, I am still very much learning from these lessons. And finding the courage to be vulnerable is one lesson that I frequently revisit. For instance, just writing this post I ummed and ahhed “is it the right kind of content to be sharing? Is this what people expect of sport psychology? Will I be perceived as soft?”. But without taking these chances and putting ourselves out there we will never know what co

Confidence: How to build it.

What is confidence? Confidence is about having belief in ourself and our abilities. Because of this our confidence can vary from one situation to the next. It might be that you are confident writing and articulating your thoughts but you feel less confident when asked to present them in front of large groups of people. Confidence is not about believing that you have all the answers. But that you are capable of dealing with the situation and any challenges that might come your